Sunday, January 28, 2007

Skeletor In Love

Guess who got married?

That's right. James Wesley! I didn't even hear about it. Or hear that anyone else heard about it. Huh...

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Give me an O!

O.M.G. tonight we frikin redic. It was sooo fun! K, here's the scuttlebutt.
We danced at the college basketball game and the boys won! It went into over was intense and a really good game. Apparently it was advertised on the radio, so there was a ton more people there than usual, and everyone was cheering a lot more than they usually do.
We got a new girl, Natasha (on the right end). These were the studly vests we found at rue for 5 bucks. It was pretty much a steal.

This dance was so fun to do, and nobody has ever cheered this much for us. It was a beautiful thing. (We did part of Get Up, a dance we did last semester, before this part but...computers and technology are not my thing and I don't want to talk about it. So here's this's the coolest half anyways.)

Get Up/Ghost on Vimeo

Afterwards Lauren, Chelsey, and I drove around for seriously like 25 or so minutes before we went to Pete's and hung out with all those fellas.
Now, brace yourself.

...The El Charro in Dodge has closed. I know. I cried. It's like a part of me I don't know what to do for my birthday now.

Anyway, enough about that. After Pete's, we drove around for another 25 minutes looking for Alfalfa street because one of Chelsey's friends was having a fiesta or something. Well, we couldn't find it. So we went to the soccer party, and holy crap. I know I've said parties have been packed in the past, but JAAYYYZZZ. It seriously took 3 minutes to get from the front room to the kitchen. In an apartment. But I must say, that was a fun little party they had goin. People were drunker than drunk and I can't even tell you how retarded Beer Pong is...but something about being able to tell a drunk person whatever you want because they won't remember in five minutes let alone on Monday...AH. Normally I don't appreciate all. But sometimes I can work with it.

To sum up, the dance and the party made it a really fun Saturday. About El Charro, well...may it rest in peace. And by rest in peace I mean I'm going to call the owners and get the salsa recipe.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Where's Andrae?

I don't know if people that don't watch the show Project Runway will appreciate this very much, but why don't you give it a shot? It's really funny...

Now here's a bit a music to go along with the show...
(hint: Dan Franco was on season one but got cut in the first round. Then, he came back second season and got cut after about the fourth round)(and also, the video is really weird at first, it gets better.)


Monday, January 22, 2007

...Whats Frenchy doing?

This last weekend was nothing short of eventful slash rad. In general, the madre and I went to St. Louis to watch Shannon, Nicole, and Turp play Kstate hockey for the first time since my sophomore year.
Why, there's the three stud muffies now (Nicole, Turp aka Jenette, and Shannon)
Jenette, small but mighty, played defense and from what I could see, skated around and pestered the other team until the got out of our goals "crease". In other words, she got it.
This is Shannon (facing front). He scored 3 goals in one game (this game pictured, actually), and 1 in another. He's supa fly at what he does.
It would be way out of character for me not to have a crush on SOMEONE at this entire tournament. So I picked number 38 here. He tells silly jokes, how could I not?
And here is Nicole, gettin it as usual. This game (the second) was seriously intense, and came down to the wire. It ended in a tie...4-4 i believe. Kstate played good all three games, but especially well the last two.
The last game was Sunday morning at 6 am. We got bagels the night before...Nicole beat me to this one though...
To keep entertained between games, Chris and I played a racing game, and also had a drawing duel. Trust me, you want to check it out. (ahem. this is a link, so click it).

This is a video of my brother, the stud, making a goal. Ps. my new camera takes freakin awesome videos.

The whole team was really friendly and good at their game. Frenchy here was no exception. His really name is Danny and he's from France. He also has super crazy "cheveux".

Shane told us this joke...
What do you call a dehydrated frenchman?
But apparently "Pierre" in french means Frency didn't really find it as amusing as the rest of us did.

We left St. Louis after the third game and drove back to Manhattan. But don't think we did it on an empty stomache! Chris got himself some stuffed breadsticks, and I found a machine that made me a milkshake. Approved.

We (me and mommy) came home early this morning. It was a good time, and I think we're hoping to get another game in this semester? Yes? Hopefully..?

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Superbowl XLI

Here's the line up for Superbowl 41!

February 4, 2007. Don't miss it.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Meet me in St. Louie

We're going to St. Louis today! I'm so excited, I've never been. Me and the moms are leaving in like an hour to go to Manhattan, pick up the fam, and continue on to St. Louis. They have a hockey tournament all weekend, and tomorrow morning before the festivities begin we're gonna (hopefully) go around the city and shtuff.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's a tough life

We dance at a basketball game tonight! We've all pretty much hated this dance since Barb made it up and taught it to us during the summer...but somehow it grew on us. It's to "Fever" by Joe Cocker. I'll post a video lata playas.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Some sort of factor

Guess who has a myspace?


Monday, January 15, 2007


So every December 31, people come up with resolutions for the upcoming year. Sometimes it's to lose weight, be nicer, or to quit something like smoking. Lame.
Please, take a lesson from someone who knows resolutions.
Be informed.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cole's birthday party!

Our friend from Target, Cole, had a birthday this past wednesday, so his friends threw him a party tonight. It was really fun, but it was seriously packed in that apt for awhile. Lauren and I and whoever we talked to pretty much stayed near the door the whole time so anytime someone came or left we got a nice -2 degree breeze. I can't believe how cold it is out. Anyways, we talked to a bunch of people, somehow I kept getting thrown around by Cole's roommate, and people kept singing a song about GCCC that I had never heard before. So...yeah, it was a pretty good night.

This coming weekend my mom and I are going to Manhattan to pick up the brothers and sisters, then heading up to St. Louis to watch them play hockey! We've never went to a game before, so I'm really excited. Plus I've never been to St. Louis, so I'm excited for that as well. Hope school is going well for everyone!

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

When I move

Shut up.

Noodle...still gets me

Today was my last free day because I start spring semester tomorrow. I don't think it will be very springy for a long time though, because it's supposed to freeze again on thursday, some sort of snow storm I think. My morning will be little hectic:

7:30 am practice till 9 am
9 am Survey of Civilization till 10 am
a whole bunch of nothing until
1 pm Political Science till 2
And then I'm done!

I'm just worried about the transition from practice to class with no shower in between. Fortunately I have Lauren in that class, so we can sit off by ourselves somewhere being smelly together. I'm just excited to see who I have in class, and then I'm pretty much over it...but I like history so I'm thinking it won't be too bad of a class.

I talked to my friend Ben on the phone tonight and he said he just got back in town this evening and didn't know classes started tomorrow, lucky for him he decided to come home this day instead of a day before next Monday, when he thought they started. Oh Ben...he's an RLBP, if you know what I mean.


Monday, January 08, 2007

Worth Dodge

Guess where Stana is in this picture?

It's the same place Kasey is...

And the same place I am taking the pictures (with the new kid).
We drove to Dodge tonight to eat at the Charro! The drive was a blur of baby/pregnant talk, but those cheese enchiladas...Why, I'd walk five hundred miles and probably five hundred more for those little guys. Going into Dodge city is a challenge all on it's own though. Regardless, it was a very very good meal, and I stocked my belly up on as much chips and salsa as it could take.


New friend

Look who just came in the mail!


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Rhonda and Michelle day

Tonight me and Mommy watched 5 hours of friends and ate tacos!

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Thursday, January 04, 2007


So we have this regular at Starbucks, and he comes in atleast every other day if not every day. I was talking to him today and he said something about being from Lahunta in Colorado...So I'm like "So why are you in Garden so much?" and people usually answer that with something about work, but this guy was like,
"Well that's a good question." And that was it! So...I'm wondering if he's having an affair. I mean, I wouldn't want to talk about an affair I was having in Kansas with the Starbucks girl. It's a mystery that must be solved. And who better to solve it than me, the one that's caught up in the middle of it all?


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Darrent Williams

Darrent Williams, cornerback for the Denver Broncos, was shot and killed early morning of January 1. I can't even tell you how pissed I am. Word on the street is that it was a 49er fan that was trying to fight him in a bar...That may or may not be true, but whatever the case was, no one on this earth is important enough to decide when an innocent person dies. Read and article here.
He wanted to start a free football camp for kids back in his hometown. He was second round draft pick for the Broncos in 2005. Mike Shannahan, coach for Denver, said he was "a first-class young man who brightened every room with his smile, attitude and personality." It seems Darrent was a very good man, and it is definitly a very terrible thing that happened to him, his team, and his family.



Big things happened over this break...
*James Brown died on Christmas at age 73, due to congestive heart failure. Read an article here.
*Saddam Hussein was executed Saturday, December 30. Read an article here.

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Scuttlebutt

I finished my first scarf! Nicole taught me to knit over Thanksgiving and now I'm working on my second.What big things have happened:
*We had Christmas 2 days late, but still as rockin as ever
*Chelsey Skipton turned 19 on the 29th
*Our power went out 3 different days, around 6 hours each time. It was cute at first, but it started to blow.
*It went out because of a giant started-out rain, turned into ice, and ended in snow storm.
*We've listened to "We Built this City on Rock'n'Roll" about 200 times. That song is so official.
I'll post pics at a later date. But there you go Lauren, PI got you.

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