Saturday, December 29, 2007

Black or red?

Zach Schultz and I went to see Aliens Vs. Predator Requiem last night. Um, wow. Sucked.
But we played speed before hand to kill time, and that was fun, so it was a good evening. Jawsh and I went to Peking for lunch today, and tonight is Chelsey's birthday party.
Happy Birthday Chels!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Old surge tshirt

You wish I'd post about my break. But right now aint yo time.

Yesterday Nicole and I were playing DDR in the loft and I noticed she had a fly chillin in her hair. I hadn't even said anything yet and she FREAKED OUT. I haven't laughed that hard all break, seriously, almost peed my pants. :) It was great.

So here I am, lying in my bed and the only light in my room is my laptop, and almost without thinking about it I go to turn on my tv so I can go to sleep. The other day I told Shannon I hated going into the basement at work. I peek around doors as soon as a walk into a room. Get it? I'm a weenie, and a very big one at that. In college and still can't sleep in a dark room by myself? Scared of basements?! I need therapy.

My head hurts really bad, and it's almost 4 am...Which means I'll either be sleeping very late tomorrow or will be very tired.

Don't take all of this the wrong way, I'm not complaining. Sometimes I just like to say things.

Oh, and I'm wearing the old Surge "jersey" (lime green tshirt with spray paint) for pajamas. That's Pinecrest old school.

Monday, December 24, 2007


I'm in Garden now. Times are pretty busy, but the trip to Colorado was a bunch of fun and on our last night that whole side of the family came over and we had a big party. For now I better go to sleep since it's almost 4 am and I have Christmas Eve to tend to tomorrow. Have a good day!

Oh, and I had an awful bout of hiccups tonight for like half an hour. It made my tummy hurt :(

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wii could do that

Pearl Street
In Boulder
I <3 Lynnie @ RR

Oh please

To Stana and everyone else that misunderstood my coming to Colorado post, I'm coming home. This is just a little pit stop...on the other side of my home town...I'm coming back to town the 23rd. Yeah, get ready for it :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

28 red cups

Bichon Frise=Hilariously adorable
An LED Christmas
Champ Bailey
The Centerra Mall
Estes Park
Baby Accordion
Estes at dusk
Dinner at The Dunraven

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Yeah, that's a 90%

My camera is MIA. I have NO idea where it could be, I checked everywhere. I try not to think about it until I can get back to Manhattan when I can actually look more, so instead I just take mediocre pictures on my cell phone of my trip to Colorado!
(I was home for like 18 hours yesterday, which I spent all my time eating dinner with Mommy, packing and hanging out with Zach while doing so, sleeping, and going to Wal-Mart)
So since this is a hustly and bustly trip, the way I like um, you're getting my updates in pics alone for the most part.
Super Sonic hand dryer
New state!
Little head or big glasses?
Big bear or little Nicole?
Almost to Daddy's
To Daddy's!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Winter Adventures

Monday night there was a huge ice storm that ended up knocking out the power for a good while in various parts of town, postponing my Politics final until Saturday, and altogether canceling my Japanese final. So you know, you win some and lose others.
I don't get to go home with Kerri though :(
At game night we took family + Will photos.
Last night we had roommate date at La Fiesta.
Once we got home we had some sparkling grape juice
and played the game of Life with Jason and Dave Hale.

This is what work looked like this morning.
No one was there, so I came back home and went to sleep. I assume they're all alright...
Tonight I went to eat at Caza Agave with Dean the musician
and then played DDR with Shannon and Nicole. Check out the mittens Nicole knitted me! Balla.
And possibly the best news of the entire evening...that I don't know if I'm at liberty to share yet. Guess you'll have to wait.


Monday, December 10, 2007

This is some Garden stuff

It's 4:07 am. WHAT am I doing still awake? I started learning a song on the piano, I'm checking my facebook every 5 minutes, and messaging Addison back and forth on myspace. I haven't done this since I lived in Garden! Awww...Sometimes I miss my friends enough that it makes me hurt a bit. Currently Jawsh and Addison have my heart wrapped around their little fingers.
I hate not being able to talk to them in person.
Wait. This is starting to sound like a Regier post. Regier I love you, but if this is what I'm starting to sound like, I just can't do it. You've got your style, and I mine.
I'm officially breaking up with this post right now.

...Aww Stana!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

On this night

This weekend Shannon, Nicole, Chris, Nette, and I went to Wichita to watch Trans Siberian Orchestra with Irene and Jayme. And you know, if I wanted to just sit here and tell you how incredibly amazing it was, I couldn't. So I'm just not even going to try.
Just try and imagine it, and know it was probably 10 times cooler than that.
Shortly after this the violinist ran up our aisle and played. It rocked, she rocked, the whole evening was awesome.

The next day we went to see The Golden Compass in theaters which was also pretty good.
It'd be nice to read the books to see what's going on. I might have to look into that...


Step on ants?

I love Jawsh.
Don't hate everything.


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Ninja Rick

After a little bit of collaboration David, Dave Hale, and I figured out that Jason and Dave's roommate Rick is a ninja. He sneaks up on them and puts them in head locks for cryin out loud! What a catch boys :)
On a separate note, both of the classes I would have had today were canceled, so I slept in until 11 and woke up to this! It was a lot cooler since I didn't have to walk anywhere in it.
Last night I watched Superbad at Spike's and then I stayed up til 4 am watching Grey's Anatomy. Tonight Nicole and I went to the rec then I went to Challenge, which was a really good service! We sang Christmas songs :) It's been a great 24 hours.

Oh, AND I got 27 hits on my page today. Shazaam.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Men can love Christmas too

I threw a Christmas party at hockey practice yesterday!
SOME people weren't really having it (Nate) but I didn't care.
Christmas spirit is way more powerful than a bad attitude and a yellow helmet.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Do you wanna go back in?

So forget yesterday and that crappy 18 hours that I was having,
because this weekend was fun and so was today.

Friday Kerri, Sara, and I went to a party their friend Darrin (pictured) was at.
There I met a guy that's in my US Politics class, you know, a week before the class is over.
Darrin is HIL-arious.
Saturday Am and Papa (Kerri's grandparents) came to town so they took us to Willie's for lunch! I love those crazy cats.
A couple hours later Mommy got to town, so we got some coffee from the new coffee place Mountain Mudd (it's just ok, Radina's still wins), then ate at Willie's again!
Since I was still full from lunch I just challenged myself to see how much iced tea I could drink.
Later in the evening we went to hang out with a bunch of people that came up from Erie, but since the party they chose to go to ended up being super lame we just went to Seaton (where Andrew lives) and hung out with the guys + Sara (a different one) and Kim and had way more fun there than any stinking party. Just LOOK at Tyler. He's gettin it.
Monday Shannon, Nette, Rhonda, and I went to Radinas. While in the parking lot I found 33 pennies on the ground! I was very jingly for the rest of the day :)
That night was Student Spotlight, where we performed the dance I've been going to practices for every Sunday evening since the Renaissance festival. I haven't watched the video yet,
but I felt it went well. In any case the whole thing was so much fun!
This is us at curtain call courtesy of Shannon's cell phone. (I'm in the middle w/ the blue shirt)

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Jazz hands

I'm totally in Jazz right now. Sweeeeeet blogging from a dance class :)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Blue again

Last week I was pretty blue one night. It struck again this evening. I think I'm being followed by some government official from Taiwan who's slipping downers into my water bottles. That has to be it...or maybe it's because I haven't had a nap all day, I'm performing a dance tomorrow that we were still making changes to tonight, I have a quiz to do but I know I won't get better than an 85% because I never do, and finals, papers, and oral exams are coming up within the next two weeks.

I'm actually navy right now.

ps I'll post pics from this weekend later, because that really was a good time.