Friday, September 30, 2005


Sinks of

These were in the bathrooms of the KState union.

Brown Bear whatchoo lookin at

Dear blogger,
Manhattan has been fun since I got here. Yesterday me and ma walked roughly 43 miles around campus for my college visit, then last night we had game night. Today, we had a couple more appointment's at K-State. Tonight's the ABJ show, and I bet you think I'm going. WELL I'M NOT! Ha, I got you so probably thought I wouldn't miss that concert if it meant losing my left thumb AND index finger. Yet, it's an 18+ show, so unless I can pay someone enough money, or break and climb through a couple windows into PJ's, I'll probably have to resort to watching the lacrosse game tonight. You might think that going shopping might make me feel better...and while it certainly wouldn't hurt, I still want to stick a fork in my eye so atleast i have a valid excuse for not seeing my freaking favorite BROKEN UP band EVER on the PLANET's reunion show. Don't cry for me.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"Can't keep my eyes off of you..."

I love love love Lifehouse's new-ish song, "You and Me". LOVE it. It's so nice.

Monday, September 26, 2005


Uncle Randy...aaaand Darrel too. Posted by Picasa

Who do I miss?

my family. (all my family, not just those pictured...miss them too, though) See you soon! Posted by Picasa

Broncos/Chiefs Game

TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT. I love those guys...silly broncos, always there to keep up my spirits. I would call Addy and remind him of the score...but I don't like being hated. So I'll restrain meself. Anyways, for all of you who didn't see, score was 30-10 Denver. Hold on, Awesome is calling me on the phone. I'll just have to post more tomorrow.

ps. Awesome part 2: Priest Holmes is on my FF team. He did well tonight. yeyah

"I can't take my hand away from my FACE!"

So my day was. Interesting. Good day though, college is pretty relaxed right now, besides that whole paper thing. I think me and Maukie are going to go running once he's gets out of class, that is if he wants to. I'm freakin excited to leave on Wednesday! Ha I mention that in every freaking post, I'm sure. ABJ ABJ ABJ ABJ.
As of now I'm winning this weekend's Fantasy Football, that's fun. It's pretty cool, this FF business.
Well I think Nothing else to say is knocking at my door. Better go answer it. Late.

The Girl Fight

I didn't see the show...hopefully I'll see the boys play eventually. Anyhoo, this is Bret at their show Saturday (Thank you Jon D. for the pictures) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Sounds like it should be a sound effect in a comic book, but alas, it was the western area youth conference in Scott. Oh my goodness, it was so good to see everyone again (from camp and things). Miss those cats...That was basically the day, though. I think the youth group is gonna go with scott's youth group to (I'm not quite for sure, but I think) Hermit Basin, in Colorado, for a winter retreat in February. Sounds sooooooooo fun, I hope we end up going.
Anyhoo, typed a paper for english...still need a topic for the new paper *hint hint give me ideas*. I'm hoping to do that before we leave Wednesday. HA.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Nicole, my brother's wife, left a comment on one of my posts.

At 11:21 PM, The Math Ninja said...

Hi. I am cool :D

Ni-cool that is. Haha. So funny.

so funny indeed, my dear sister in law :)

HAPPY 18th Birthday SARAH!!! (Williams..FYI)

This weekend has been a whole lot of sit around. Approved. Today me and Maukie went to see Corpse Bride which was not all I was thinking it might be. I didn't really have high hopes in any case, but *sigh* Tim, you're losing your touch.
Then we went to the Girl Fight show...actually we stood around waiting for it to start, and for Nick to show up (he's the singer). I forgot that I had told Maukie we'd go eat after the movie though, so we left before they even played.
Went to Applebees, and it was yummy, as always. Then Maukie and I hung out for awhile, listened to Brown Eyed Girl like 4 times, and then came home. Now I'm talking to Shannon, did the fantasy football jazz, and am going to go to bed soooooon.

Sorry no pictures lately...I have really taken any. I'll hook it up soon, though. Going to Manhattan on Wednesday, if anything I"ll have 634 pics of the ABJ reunion show up. :) :) :) (three happy faces were necessary, yes)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

They should have been white

I was watching the news last night and do you know what it actually said? People think that Hurricane Katrina was conspired by the gov't. (Shoot myself? Yes please). As for me, I'd like to give our government the benefit of the doubt and assume they don't have as many powers, as say, God. (I also discovered it's funner refer to god's power as powerS, and other things that make him sound like a superhero.)
I've decided the next time someone refers to the problems w/ evacuations and such of louisiana were because they were black, i'll simply say "They should have been white"
My bet is it'll shut some folks up for a second...and it will be funny. I'm white.

haha...ok i'm really not as racist as I make it seem...really...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hello Coldplay, I'm Michelle

So today was our last softball game, but it was just a makeup game, so I don't think anyone's heart was in it. No one (except Maukie, I think) didn't really care to play. So, anyways, we lost 4-14 and got run ruled...and that sucks, but oh well. It was a fun season.
So after the game, Maukie and I got some Sonic drinks and watched "Fever Pitch" which, I'll agree with him, is a super movie. K, you know that suprise he was supposed to have for me today? Yeah, delayed a month. I'm pretty sure I know what it is any case, he felt bad so he got me Coldplay's newest cd X&Y because i've wanted forever and three days, and he also got me the pink orbit gum, which is my very very fav. So it was a good day.
Tomorrow during our off hour, Stana, Caitlin, and I are going to do pilates!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Play time with Zoe

Look at my freaking roots! Ugh, it makes me want to gag, really...darn you the sun...and darn you the cheat...and especially you king of town...K now I'm just blaming people. Sorry king of town, you couldn't have helped it. Posted by Picasa

I really only do sports, and football.

Ah Zach, you are full of wisdom my friend.
So I went to the first night of practice tonight...zzzz...oh what? did I fall asleep? sorry. It was soooooo LAME! we just read through the first act, as if we're not gonna do that 23049 times this semester. Ha, it is a pretty funny play though. I suggest everyone come see it in December.


I figured you'd read this and it'd be funner than calling you...I did the add, I'll show you tomorrow. don't forget the appt. at 9:30, so get out of your class asap, k?

Paper topic

Hey guys! K here's the deal, I have to write a personal perspective paper for college english. Basically just tell how I feel on a subject, for 5 pages. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions, so I don't end up writing about the typical abortion, legalize marajuana, lame stuff. So hook it up with your ideas! (I kind of have an idea that shannon will tell me to write something about copywrite laws...hmm...)

Who comes here

HEY I just noticed I've been getting an average of 46 hits a day, which causes me to wonder "Who the crap are all these people reading my blog?" So out of curiosity, just leave a comment and tell me who you are...I understand you can't leave a comment if your not on blogger, and to that i say boo on you for not, because they're neat. So hook it up aiiiiiiight

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ma thinks I smell good

So today Maukie, Stana, Zoe and I went to Bible Christian, and ate lunch. Then Stana helped me clean the floor, and we watched Finding Neverland until it was time for me to start getting ready fo senior pics ('06 baby). and let me tell you, senior pics were TIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! Yes yes, that's what I want to do for the rest of my life. Stand in front of a camera. It's easy, it's fun...I've got to get on that train. He took almost 200 freaking pictures! i can't wait to see them...he said they'd be ready around this weekend or the middle of next week. As long as we get them before me and ma leave for manhattan, I'm cool. I also get Stana, Kasey, and my pics from wal mart the day I leave, so I'll have to get them during lunch or something. How fun! I am glad that i'm done with pics for a while...wait, didn't I just say I could do that for the rest of my life? Oh yes, if I got PAID.
After pics, Mommy and I went to Applebees and ate some effin gewd salads, then got a blondie *drool*. Went to wal-mart, got a new lamp for my room, then got Maukie some grindage and I took it to him at work. I don't blame him for not wanting sonic for din din...He eats that more than he should, I'm sure. So I hung out with him for a bit while he ate, then I went to Zach's house down the way and watched the KC/Raiders game till I had to be home at 10. Pretty good day, laid back and all.
I know you probably wouldn't guess it, but hello is again not working, so I can't post any pics today. :(

My week's schedule

Stana had a good idea when she laid out everything she had to do. I shall do the same.

Test in Gov't
Make Dinner
First night of play practice (stage manager son!)

Get in two pics for the Sugarbeet
Clean during off hour
Dance at Soccer Game
Play Practice

Dance Practice
Softball Game
Suprise from Maukie (???!?)

Dance Practice
Play Practice

Nothin but a G thang baaaaby (that means I don't have anything I HAVE to do that day...i think...)

I'm sure I'll update this throughout the week, and probably repost it so EVERYone knows what I'm doing in my days. Cause I know I have to do more than this, I'm just not remembering it.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

We left

After we watched the college's dance team at half time, Stana and I got bored and decided to go. We hung out with Maukie until he had to go back and play, then we went to Sonic and met Kasey, Mark, and Stephen. It's good to hang out with her again. I took Stana home and hung out at Maukies for a bit (sorry about your day, kid) and then I came home. Now I have a super bad headache, and I'm really tired anyways, so I'm going to bed.
Tomorrow Maukie and I are going to church with Stana at Bible Christian (the one on Mary), then we're gonna eat lunch at my house (I think Kasey is going to come too) and then I have senior pics at 4:30.

Look at all dem perdy ladies

Stana and I went to the college football game tonight. If we won, our gov't teacher at gccc would give us 100 points, and if we won by 14, we wouldn't have class on monday. Well, we ended up losing like 61-30 or me and stana better get to that studying for the test monday. crap. We also went to hear Maukie play his trombone in the band...I would post a pic, but all the ones i got were blurry. grrr...well atleast the gccc band did good tonight! Posted by Picasa


Pretty night, and the moon was really bright Posted by Picasa

Just Jew It

I don't remember if I posted this after I got back from NY (that's wehere it was from) but I was looking through my nwe york pics and this one just makes me laugh alot. so i post again! Posted by Picasa

Good Game

Right after I took this, Brevon depants-ed...(sp)... Dave. Luckily I looked away once the picture was done. Posted by Picasa


We played football last night, this was the majority of the people that were there. I enjoy the fact that I was wearing clothes. Posted by Picasa

Jon and Brevon

I didn't think this picture was very good, because it was blurry, but then I saw Dave and Ryan in the background...and it made it all better Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 16, 2005


Seriously seriously seriously seriously. Wanna hear about my day? So, there's the post about people talking crap, and that was from today. Then me and Sarah Jalomo played football with about 30 other kids from the high school. Starting out it was gonna be a football game played in underwear, but not a SINGLE girl showed up in her skivvies. Some boys played in their boxers though. Eh, whatev. I got pics, but yet again, Hello from Picasa isn't working *growl*. That was a fun time. Once it got just plain too dark to see, and pointless to play, people suggested we go to Luke Whitehill's party. Um... yeah, there's a reason that was my second high school party, and that reason is they're freaking dumb. I mean, I love underage drinking as much as the next guy.......?..... but I got to see a lot of people I know from school, so that was ok.
Me and Sarah decided to go, and Nick Grooms wanted to hang out with her, so we went to Raul's where Nick, Raul, his gf, Addison, and Bret were. As much as I love akward reunions such as the one presented to me, Nick wanted to go get some tea from Target, so Sarah and I went with. Basically that whole idea was a waste, so we went to Sonic. Well Joe was there when we first rolled up (the freaking night just would not END!) and I guess he wasn't giving Maukie the nicest looks...which is what I figured. Anyways, we saw Orly, Greg, little Josh, and Tim there as well, but they all left to an apparently tip top secret party since Joe just couldn't seem to tell me anything about it ( i was gonna go anyways?) Then Maukie got to come out for just a lil that was good. We like him. After he went back in, Sarah and I were just like "Dude, eff this night" and I dropped her off and came home.
It's kinda cool since it was our first night to ever hang out, since we rreeeeallly didn't like each other last year. But we coo, we coo. yeah, I'm just waitin for ol' Maukie to get off work so maybe I can see him before the night's end.
Tomorrow I have dance team pics at 9 am. *ick* That's about it...and senior pics on sunday. My day should be banned and never thought of again. Oh my silly silly day.

haha dang what's up long post?

Talkin crap?

So out of the blue, within the span of this week, EVERYONE started talking crap. It's freaking nuts. When i say talking crap, I mean on me, to maukie, and on me and his relationship. I'm freaking getting sick of it. And since me and stana started our "no talking crap" kick the very day all of it started, it's been tough. Also, in light of recent events, I've found out someone doesn't want to hang out with me BECAUSE i don't talk crap anymore. sad? yes i am... It's so crazy though. I never did a darn thing to anyone, if anything I was trying to improve myself, and now people just can't keep their freaking mouths shut. Maukie tried to make me feel better...but it's people that don't even know me. Eh, I've never hesistated to cut a niggy. And anyways, it's just kind of funny now, because it's sooooooo ridiculous. *sigh* silly silly people, always wanting to drama to spice up their lives.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Gas baby yeah

has anyone noticed that gas was $2.58 today? YEEEEEEEAH

Chelsey, Lauren, and Anthony

i had to get some pics of these cats dancing for the sugar beet, I'm thinkin this is the one. They're all trying out for butler, one for modern show choir and the other two for dance team. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Wanna know why i love Shannon so much? because of the little this post check out the rest of his blog, while your at it.


This was our first game...remember in men's league how we used to always get run ruled? well it happened again, but here we were the winners! We won the second game 8-3. Good night, good season. This is supposed to be our last game, but we have one more to make up for one that got cancelled awhile back. Posted by Picasa

That kid

awww he looks so cute...i mean good. (he doesn't like the "c" word) Posted by Picasa

Pink Socks Niggy!

*sigh* i love my team Posted by Picasa

Stana Banana and Me

Playas just playin some softball Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Stana Banana

Here's Stana's blog...I sure hope she starts posting more often too. But if she doesn't...I still love her. We should get Kasey to start up a blog. *hint, hint kasey*

Sup American Eagle Contract

Amber and Orly at Applebees from the other night after the game and bowling Posted by Picasa

GC What

Hey hello works again! I wish just this is all of the GC crew at the cliffs Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 12, 2005

Do you like good music?

Then listen to a little band I like to call Ludo. I went to their show this summer when they played with Stuck on Broadway and the Famed, got their cd, and never appreciated until just recently. I'm gonna putfile a favorite of mine, and I'll hook yous guys up who haven't had the privelage...yet...

And the winner is...

Maukie!! He brought me AND mommy blizzards from the Queen before HE had to go to class. Let me tell you, what a freaking guy.

Maukie's Blog

So Maukie started up a blog about a week or so ago. K? So, check it out.
Ps. I want everyone to be aware of the fact that I started calling him Maukie and Maukie in the Middle first. I was all over that one.
He has a couple other people (ie. Stana and his friend Mat) that also contribute a bit to the page as well. Hopefully he'll keep up with frequent blogs.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Technical Difficulties

Sorry everyone, I've been trying to post pictures the last couple of days of our softball games (lost both 9-11 and 11-12), and of the football game, our dance, and us bowling last night...but alas, picasa isn't working very well. Maybe I'll upload the dance video tonight. It was a good one...def my favorite dance so far. To keep you up to date, our boys lost to Great Bend last night 14-28 :( but we did try really hard and they did really good. Zach Shultz made a nice catch and touch down, so thats always fun. Tonight Stana and I are gonna go eat dinner with Curtis cause he's in town! Then me and her are gonna hang out because she actually can tonight (*yay*) Now we're just missing Kasey, she's in Wichita...I guess that's just the place to be this weekend, eh?

Friday, September 09, 2005

Mrs. Regiers funny story

Go here to watch Mrs. Regier tell a funny story about a teacher that hated her in high school. It's about 2 minutes or so, FYI in case you have a slow connection.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Can I just say...

Everclear is a great band. Really. :)

We were playing with the lights in tech theater today. Thats Trista, btw. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Movie Night part 2: Eh

There was only seven people tonight (Jon Urban, Justin Juno, Raul, Brevan, Brett,Dave Kodamo, and myself), which was a huuuge let down, considering the success of the very first night. Yet, we watched Ninja Turltes (the first, not secret of the ooze...:( ) and ate some darn good lasagna and salad. . .Then I went to see Maukie at work, which you should have known was coming. I finished typing my papers tonight, and now I think I'll go to bed. (hey, if you sleep with the window open on a cool night, I don't know about you, but it gives me a heck of a good sleep. try it, eh?) Good Night!!!

*sigh* oh Maukie

He's so fun. :) Maukie took me to lunch today. We WERE gonna go to Peking 2, but it was closed for some reason. So we had to resort to Jade Buffet *ick* but we managed to make it worth while. He bought me a sonic drink tonight too...what a swell, swell guy. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 05, 2005

A Apple...

When I woke up this morning, Ma and I finished primering my room, then went to Wal-Mart and got paint! Then, we came home and I got ready to take pictures with Kasey and Stana, back at Walsmart. We got some super cute ones, if I do say so myself...
I came home, and me and ma started painting, then made lasagna for tomorrow's movie night (Ninja Turtles 2:Secret of the Ooze). AND THEN....! Maukie came over and we hung out. That's all. Smile much? Oh yeah. Now I write english paper.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

A Cliffy kinda day

After we went to the Cliffs (I didn't jump, but i swam out to the rock and hung out for a bit) we came home and had softball practice. Luckily I got there late, and by that time everyone was tired and wanted to quit soon. Then me and Maukie went to Sonic, then to Hastings, where he bought Son In Law (I would NOT lie about that!).
We went to his house and watched that, had a grand old time, and i came home. Doesn't sound like much, but I had a good day.

*In Love* (with the dogs, duh)

These are Maukie's dogs...The other one has a head too, you just can't see it in this pic. I think the whole one is Sam, and the one that got cut off is Betty. . . Betty? PH *no* S what? Posted by Picasa

PH*no*S Style

Ugh, How freaking cute can we GET?! *Jean Posin at the Cliffs* This is how WE do. Posted by Picasa

See Joe Flip. Flip Joe, Flip!

Joe did some craaaaaazy flips. Posted by Picasa

Um, I'll most certainly pass

Does everyone understand how freaking high the Grand Daddy is? This picture should help. Posted by Picasa

The Burlington Crazies

That's what I like to call them. I think they were drunk...they were doing jumps left and right today. The one guy looks like he's standing on nothing-ness. Kinda silly. Posted by Picasa

You jump I jump, remember?

Kasey's first jump, off the lowest one. Hey, I'm not one to judge, about 3/5's of my jumps have been off of that bad boy, and I didn't even jump at all today. Good job Kasey!! (That's her boyfriend, Mark, holding her hand...cute, yes?) Posted by Picasa