Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Kidney Shaped

I woke up today and before I left for school, for some reason out of the blue I told myself that this could be a good day. I was worrying about the things I had to do today, but really, it turned out indeed to be a good day.
*Biology didn't piss me off, and any day in bio like that is good enough for me
*I got my hair cut, and I enjoy it. (About two inches off)
*Sculpture went by fast
*I left for buff project and Addison and I ended up washing his car
*Dance was really laid back today, but we'll be making up for it tomorrow I suppose
*My mom and I went to get a new straightner
*Play practice ended short, and the Mad Hatter scene was hilarious tonight.
*Addison came over and we watched a collection of all the crappiest shows MTV has to offer.

I'm going to try to get to bed here really soon. Tomorrow shall be an easy day! So happy.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Aj's Answer

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Aj's Reaction

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What a day, huh?

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Ps. I knew the whole time :)

Ow my parade.

After I saw this picture, I didn't feel like living anymore. It's freakin creepy.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

For Maria

(and anyone else that wants the dancing schedule) Go to my Myspace, I have all those dates up :)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Eating disorders!

The weekend staying with Stana was a lot of fun. She chortles (what a word that is. Lewis Carroll made it up, you know) in her sleep, and we both talk. I apparently tell Addison to shutup in my sleep. I'm glad her and I finally got a chance to catch up on the like 3 weeks we didn't hang out. So, we're going to Wichita next weekend, leaving at noon on friday and getting home by 7 on saturday. That's gonna be soo much fun, PH*no*S hanging out again.
Dancing went ok tonight, but wrestling is pretty lame and I don't think many of the girls got into it this time. Meh.
Tonight Stana and I got ice cream, went around and took pictures, froze, then went back to her apt. and watched Aladdin. I'm not 5 anymore, and I still love that movie.
Then I went to Addisons and hung out for a bit. Everyone was over there, so it got pretty loud but holy crap those guys are so funny. They wear me out. Then we went upstairs and we watched NEXT...seems to be a common occurance, no matter how much I hate that show. He's so fun.
And now I'm going to bed because somehow today I managed to use up all the energy in my body.

All she wants to do is dance

We did our hip hop routine at the wrestling invitational tonight.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Summer, please

Staying with Stana last night was fun, we stayed up and caught up on each other's lives intul about 12:30 when I whimped out and we had to go to bed. This morning she made cinnamon rolls before I went to class :) What a great mom. I'm staying with her again tonight and since she only has to be up at 10 tomorrow morning, we'll probably party a bit harder tonight.

ps. it's exactly one month until my birthday! Excited? Yes I am. What's up 18, I'm Michelle.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Papa Dave!

K real quick before I go to practice. So, last night Addison and I went to play tennis and he tried to teach me how to hit good. Well...atleast I'm pretty ok at basketball. But it was fun. I ended up going to sleep at 10:30 last night which was fabulous. Today Rhonda and Dave set off for they're anniversary weekend in Wichita. So I'll be staying with Stana these next two nights. Next weekend her and I are going to Wichita to meet up w/ Kasey and go prom dress shopping.
For tonight I need to go to practice and finish up my notecards for buff project that are due tomorrow. That's what Kneeds to happen. Ha.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

And then some

Wow, I was really out of it last night when I posted that last one. It's like all of a sudden I was only half awake, getting ready for bed and posting. Anyways, yes practice did go good. I got a present on my car afterwards that made me smile, and before anyone even showed up to practice Regier, Aj, and I danced around to Baby Got Back a couple times. She knows all the words. Just a little bit too funny to be weird. Anyhoo, about the day today, I got up earlier than usual, so I've been running on time so far. I forgot to turn something into Shaefer for biology but he said that since I was gone for a dance team thing he'd just give me an NC. :)That took some stress off.

So I really need to get on taking pictures for photography...if anybody has any suggestions or knows of any fun events going on that would be cool to shoot, let me know. I haven't turned in anything yet this semester and I feel really bad about that. Speaking of which, I need to go to class now. Have a good day! It's already wednesday!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

There were reasons for this all

Tonight's practice went pretty well. Right now I'm pretty tired so I want to get sleep so I stay on top of it. Don't want another mono scare like we had last semester. K

Monday, January 23, 2006

3 Months

Addison and I have been dating for three months today. It's so crazy how fast time goes by. However, it's been amazing.
This was last year.

And look at us now (well...at christmas. We really don't get many pictuers taken of us together)

LOVE him.

I'll never tellll

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And here's Lauren's impression from Don't Say a Word. Look at the way her mouth moves haha oh LB

Where'd you get those eyes?

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AJ's impression from Jeepers Creepers. You can bet that this was repeated a good fifty times over the course of the weekend.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

What Dreams May Come

Is an awesome movie.
After I got up today I got ready and went to see Addison. It was so good to see him again..I know, I know, it was only a weekend. I don't care, I missed him.
The weekend was amazing, but the Broncos lost to the Steelers today. Actually played really bad. It ended up something like 17-34, but they just did not do good. Oh well, the whole rest of their season was really good, so I still love them.
Then I watched the movie and now I need to do some biology and MAD stuff and go to bed. Ah yes, and take out the ol' cornrows. Atleast we tried.

"I found you in hell. You didn't think I could find you in Jersey?"

Top 10 from Comp

*"Bajalo Lupe. Lupe! Baja"
*"I'll never tellllll"
*"My baby"
*The head thing from Gothika
*"Big handfuls of it. Unda his nose. And it looked like he was likin it too"
*Getting the cops called on us. Way to go girls.
*The gangsta party in 210, and listening to Grillz five times in a row plus every morning.
*Confessions and scary stories on the way up
*Screaming and not being able to stop laughing on the way home, being scared Becky was going to yell at us.
*Acting black w/ my cornrows. We were all lieing to ourselves.

In conclusion, it was one of the funnest weekends of my life.

Competition in Pictures

It's pretty NY to smoke, but since I don't think any of us are eighteen we had to settle for candy cigs.

Practicing at the Y in Olathe. It's really nice there.

Again, practicing.

Hey Shannon and Nicole, I know you like this tea. Did you know it comes it bottle form now? I ordered peach tea at Zio's, the italian place we ate. It wasn't bad, just not the peach tea I was longing for.

Haha Lauren..she was easily 20% of the fun this weekend.

Nothin but a G thang baaby. Gangsta Party, 210.

Who taught you to steal like that? This is what Holly gets for taking an entire loaf of bread from Zios.

Not a good pic, but I just had to document the first time I ever did my complete splits. :)

This was some team..I don't remember where from, I think Olathe. Anyways, these girls were jerks. Atleast a couple of them, they said our lyrical dresses were gross. Yeah, no one messes with GC. On another note, their dance was really cool, it looked like they were synchronized swimming.

The Classy Cats from Kstate made a guest appearance and did a dance. They're really good..still trying to decide if I'd want to try out or not when I go to KState.

I got cornrowed! Ha...I'm over them now. I always wanted them, got them, looked like Sean Paul, and now it's over.

The Hatter is going to have glasses like these. Thank you to AJ for the great idea.

Performing pom

Vahalo Lupes

Just got home, effin tired, miss Addison. And now I must sleep. Awesome trip, fyi.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Competition Part Deux

So today is the day! We have our senior ensemble at 11:08 as the first dance I'm in. I'm very excited, but I heard the gyms will be packed. But that's pretty fun, right? Yeah, it is.
So a bunch of drama went down last night that was pretty rediculous but I'll tell more about that later. AND there was a gangsta party in our room. 210. Gangsta Party. K well I'm out, we're getting home at 5 tomorrow morning. Have a good day!:)

Friday, January 20, 2006

Competition Part One

So me and AJ got hooked up with the computer in the library at our hotel so we can blog, but I have no means of uploading pictures, so those will have to wait till I get home. For breakfast I had a bagel and tomorrow it looks like waffels since they have a waffle iron and batter so you can DIY. Today we're just shopping and practicing and watching Sarah do her solo. It's such an NY day because it's all rainy (I hear it's snowing in GC. Man,that sucks) But I miss my mom and Addison so I'll have to keep my mind busy by waking my roomates by jumping on them and singing Grillz. Haha, this is going to be a great trip. The trip up consisted of giving dirty looks, playing confessions, playing the I like-you like game, and telling scary stories of things that have happened to us for two and a half hours. OH and we ate in ...Hutch...and it was between Fazollis and McDonalds...yeah, we ate at McDonalds. Gag me with a spoon. I just at half a frozen parfait and like a million french fries. Then we got cappacinos before we left. K, I'm out because I feel like I'm hogging the ol' compy.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Why are you dancing like that?

Hahahahaha...who taught you to dance like that...

So holy freaking crap today seems like it's taking 19 years to get over with. I've been goofing around on the internet almost the entire time I've been in buff project (but I got my works cited done, no worries) and there's still 55 minutes left 'til school gets out! But I'm excited for the trip. Not excited to leave home. I just enjoy my people and my house is all. However, this trip is going to be so much fun! Claudia is bringing a stereo for our hotel room but she forgot cds and I told her I had some. Hehe...Who's going to be listening to showtunes all weekend? MY ROOM.
And after competition the stress level at dance will go down (other than we have to learn I think 3 dances in three weeks and have kids clinic sometime in there too). But play practice will start up and I'll have to start making big decisions in tech theater. Fornow I still have 45 minutes to kill. Maybe I'll try and find some fun links for you guys to look at...Ooooor I'll just play bust-a-move (see sidebar).
Looove, Michelle
ps. the new sweatpants we got for DT are so comfortable it's retarded. Late.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


"Hey why can't I be lame. Fine I'll be a loser. Look at me I'm a LOSER. With a big fat L on my head." says Sally. How Alice is she going to be? It's great.

So it's just barely midnight and I'm pretty much done packing. I'm sure that just broke some record of mine. WELL, you all have a great weekend (Manhatteneers, good luck at hockey) and I'll see y'all next week! :) We get back around 5 am sunday morning, FYI.

I've never cut someone before

But ya know...ok, I'm really angry, so I'm going to try and keep this rational. Plus I have class in 15 min. I heard about that church that protests funerals of soldiers (because God is punishing America for accepting gays. Yeah, find the sense in that first of all. I'm glad they are so ready to judge others like that.) just today, and then heard more about it in tech where Regier gave me their site, godhatesfags.com. Umm...
I can't say much because my hands will start shaking if I get into detail. However, I will say


They're coming here on Saturday to protest Clinton Upchurch's funeral, a GC native. (Want to see a flier?) If I was that family, I would seriously not hesistate to hit them with my car. I so badly wish I didn't have competition so I could water balloon them. I know it sounds silly, but really...it's not like I'm gonna do a drive by. I heard they have little 5 year olds out there protesting. How sad that a kid has to grow up like that. Anyways I heard there's a group of bikers that go around wherever the protesters go to protect the family from them. And that's why I still love my country. ps. I don't know if you noticed Westboro Baptist Church, but homosexuality still hasn't gone over very well in our conutry. And if you guys make me look bad, as a Baptist. Oooooohhh....I really must stop. Because I could go on forever.
There are not words to express how incredibly upset this makes me. UPSET.

But I have to go to class.

Seriously though, don't come to Garden. And if you do, get raped.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Can we leave herrr

So tonight was pretty fun. I just know I'll be a lot less nervous at comp (atleast, I'm expecting to be) because I won't know anyone there. Nick, Addison, and his MOM came. So that put the pressure on a bit. But I just smiled at my grandma the whole time :) AJ is right, her and my mom really are precious. Papa Dave was there too. So I watched the videos and saw where I needed to improve, but really we are doing much better than what I thought. That's always a plus. Holy crap I'm OUT.


OH I almost forgot. We watched a PeeWee Herman movie when we went back to Addisons. Umm...about that...

Fashionably Late

Here's Sarah, from when we went to Wichita with her...*sigh* getting all married and stuff. Best friends since the church nursery.

And here's a pic I took of Stana last semester during fall. I used it in one of my ads in computer graphics. She just looks so darn happy


I seriously want to do something crazy fun for my birthday. Don't ask me what, because I couldn't tell you, but just know that it's going to be a party all week, atleast for me. Ha, when I think about how I was excited about turning 18 three years ago compared to now...I just had different reasons to be. I like the ones I have now, better. I just can't believe how old I'm getting...how old all of us are getting, rather. Kasey doesn't even live here anymore, Stana has a baby and lives on her own, Sarah's getting married, I got over my, we'll call it "freshman stage", and I'm almost done with high school. With any sort of mandatory schooling. Jeez, I remember doing History day and OM, and I remember walking all over town to go shopping with Jennifer and Leslie because our moms wouldn't take us. And I remember before I even started kindergarten my mom telling me that I had to start matching (my clothes) or I couldn't go to school, and it was an actual threat to me. Wow, time really does fly. School has in general has been a good experience. Look at me, it's not even May yet and I'm getting all graduation-talk on you guys. You'll see more of this...Later...

BUM BUM BUM MAKEOUT MOUTH!!!!!!!!! Haha stories about gay people are hilarious.

Oh, which reminds me, something hilarious (maybe mildly funny to anyone who wasn't there) happened in tech today. That's all I'm saying.
As of right now I'm nervous about dancing tonight. That's a lot of dances to stay consistent for, and while we have the dances down, there is still a TON of work that needs to be done. Well, I don't see how this is doing me any good, so I'll see you all tonight/March 10/around prom time (if you're Chelsey).
Looove, Michelle.

Chunk is a gross word

Gross is spelled weird for the way it's pronounced. But enough insight already. This morning when I left for practice at 5:55 am, it was relatively nice for being that early. I wasn't cold, AND I was wearing capris. Yeah. But now, it's stupid cold out and there's snow chunks falling, last time I checked. I tell ya, this weather. Tonight we dance at (I have the time!) 8 in the comp. gym. So now you know, so now you can come. I made the schedule for play practices, but I don't know if it's going to work out. I'll have to talk it over w/ Regier but I only have people practicing a total of like 8 or 9 times...but really, since a lot of it is improving their actions in the songs, they shouldn't practice that too much anyways, or it was look way too rehearsed. Again, I'll just have to ask her...or if Shannon wants to leave me a comment with how he feels on the subject.

Haha, how do you feel on the subject? Stana. :)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

That laffy taffy

I went to the Girl Fight's show in Dodge tonight with Stana. They played pretty good, and I actually really like their songs (the "actually" meant that I normally don't like that kind of music). It was a fun night, and me and Stana had fun driving home and singing to rent...of course, what else would we do? Oh, and just when I think I have an amazing boyfriend, I find out that I do. I win.

I would be posting mad pics (mad as in a lot, not the play) but the card reader on the compy doesn't work, and I haven't bought one that you plug in yet, so. Sorry. I'll have to do all my work out of Moser's room. Tomorrow we do all our competition dances (so come. I don't know what time, probably 6 or 7).

Oh, and the plan right now is to write the 10 pager on vegetarian stuff. Dear family, shh. Whatever you're going to say, shh.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

You Have to be KIDDING me!

Today? Oh yeah, good day for my family's teams.
Broncos beat Patriots 27-13
KState beat KU 59-55!!! I'm not big into basketball, but that sure is nice for them. Took them 31 tries, but we got um :)
Yeah, now can everyone shutup about KU beating Kstate in football? We're even. And kstate is awesome.

Friday, January 13, 2006


Today I got the 7,000th hit on my blog :) Everyone go celebrate (ie, eat 7,000 potato chips, do 7,000 jumping jacks, listen to "Second Place Victory" 7,000 times, cap 7,000 ni....JK)

Ow the past

Ew, do you ever read old stuff that other people wrote and it just makes you sick because they talk about things you wish they never did? Like...ok, I know you don't get it. But I just did and it makes me want to throw up. I don't even know why, it's pretty dumb. Happens though. Sometimes you just have to post about things that only make since to you..or me in this case.

So tonight I hung out with Stana and we watched American History X and ate sundaes. Then I went to Addison's and talked to his mom for half an hour. Then they went to load up for tomorrow and I stayed w/ Nick and Adam and drew on their demos that Nick was burning. Then I realized it was 12:15 and I wasn't home, and the boys weren't back yet, which was sad. But it was funny to talk to Nick and Adam about relationships...and to draw people getting shot on the cds.

Tomorrows agenda:
*Sleep till I'm good and ready to get up
*Go to the library, get sources for research paper
*Come up with argumentative subject
*Go to starbucks and go over MAD w. AJ
*Get leggings from Kieu's
Pretty laid back day, right? The Girl Fight is playing a show in Wichita, so all you cats in that area, go check it out...but I don't think anyone from Wichita reads this...so my promoting efforts were all to no avail. I'm going to be merch girl sometime, Nick said I could. Besides, what else does the girlfriend do?

In the Shadow of the Dream Child

Looking for Lewis Carroll I found this site. The book, In the Shadow of the Dream Child by Karoline Leach and Hugues Lebailly, is the research the authors had done on Carroll that others had missed in his letters and diaries. I don't know if it'd be a good resource for my paper, or if it's fiction, but I'd like to read it anyways.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

this is an audio post - click to play

Oh the pages

Ok everyone! I have to do a ten page argumentative paper for english! Topic ideas? Those would be greeeeeeat. And something tells me he's not going to let me get away w/ my bs papers this semester. Frankly, I don't think I could bs for ten pages if I wanted to. So, let me know if you have ideas puhlease.

After that I have another 6 pager to do...so let me hear what you've got.

Cut out the middle man

Ya know, Shannon posts a lot of supa fly things on his blog, and sometimes I post about them on mine...but, just go to his and see them. Recently there have been a lot of fun things, like the garfield randomizer and Felice Varini's site. Yeehaw

Tab, enter, I'm off!

The newest version of MAD is up at writeboard . Shannon wrote the White Rabbits part...holy crap, I seriously LOL'ed. Genius, that man is. I'm gonna put the WR somewhere there in the end, but for now, there's the newest version. Pretty soon it'll just be spell checking and the like, and we can give out scripts! This play shall be a fun one. Regier said the Hare can't wear boy shorts, but I remembered later that I forgot to mention the tights...but I still doubt that will happen. Which is sad. We'll figure out something fun for Cassie to wear. Until then, I'll probably just keep posting every hour of class I have today...that seems to be the pattern anyways.

"Simple as a flower" Oh jeez Shannon, I don't know what I'd do without you. ps. if this works out, lets make a production company together. It'll be great, watch.

First biology

My teacher, Mr. Schafer was wearing an apron that had an Italian Spinone (a dog) on it. It made me laugh and almost appreciate science. Almost. But he himself is a funny guy. K, off to Ind. Study. I have to take a pic of Jon D's beard before he shaves it off and won't look like an internet stalker anymore.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Why is the stage black?

Because it's emo. Thank you Trista, for that marvelous answer.

So the dance went well, could have been more together I hear, and definitely needs more work before comp., but for a bball game, it was fantastic. The game was awesome too, it went into double over time, and we ended up winning 70-66. Go Buffs, indeed. We made music videos back in the dance team room...it was a pretty fun night, some areas could have used improvements, but I'm over that. Then we had senior ensemble practice afterwards till 10:45. Ieeeee, I know. And my tummy started hurting when I got back...don't know why, really hoping it's not the flu. That's going around like crazy here in GC. Even at my house. SO. Let's all get extra rest and eat extra good, huh? HA, yeah...I tried that bit all last semester. It doesn't happen for me.
But I do have to go to bed, first day of college this sem. tomorrow. I'm probably just sick because that's what science does to me. Really, you have to understand just how much I LOATHE the subject. I do. Thoroughly.
Jeez, debby downer is going to bed now, don't worry guys. :) Everyone have a happy Wednesday!

ps. I'm excited for tomorrow night because Addison gets his system in and we're gonna go test it out...oh, and since I told you that, please don't steal it.

Letter of Intent

Here is my letter of intent. I didn't really intend for anyone to go read it, I just wanted to keep the link somewhere so I can print it at home, rather than school.
So I'm at school right now, in Buff Project...I have to leave during OP to go to the college w/ Stana and find where our classes are for tomorrow.
Tonight we dance at the bball game to "rockefellar skank" by fatboy slim. I'm pretty excited. Oh, ma's sick so she won't be able to come :( Just an fyi to the fam.

ps. This was Lewis Carroll's answer to his riddle "Why is a raven like a writing desk?"
Carroll's answer: "Because it can produce a few notes, tho they are very flat; and it is nevar put with the wrong end in front!" Note the clever misspelling of nevar so it is "raven" spelled backwards.

Here's the site

Monday, January 09, 2006

Being New York

This was at auditions...and I'm pretty sure it can't get more New York than this. Yesss

Good Morning Kansas!

I guess these morning practices are ok if they don't happen too often. Now I have two and a half hours to get ready for school, and sleep some more. Oh yes, and myspace Addison, because I just can't not.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Want to see funny?

My brothers and sisters went to a christmas party at one of their friends' house when they were in Garden. So they played some game on the ps2 w/ an eyetoy. Oh gosh, it's funny to watch.

See the videos here.

I'll cover you

Tonight the senior girls on dance team made up our entire ensemble routine for competition. THE WHOLE THING! It was great...but believe you me, there were more than plenty rolling-on-the-ground-laughing scenes when AJ would have to get us on task again. Well, it's to "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson, and we'll be performing it at comp, at a bball game at some point, and next Monday when we perform all our comp. routines for friends and family. You are all welcome to come :)

As for me, I just ate a bunch of mac and cheese, and I think I'm set for the night. I have to be at the school in 6 1/2 hours for morning practice. SWEET.

So what

Posting just hasn't sounded appealing lately, apparently. Yesterday Rhonda and I left GC at 7:30 am, drove to Hutch, got Sarah, drove to Wichita and picked out the bridesmaid dresses. Then we went to the mall for a bit, went back to Hutch to drop Sarah off, came home around 10. Whew, what a day. I was so tired when I got home, I watched Addison and Kaleb play some basketball game, then came home and went to sleep while watching the Virgin Diaries.
I have the Nutcracker cds completly finished, and me and ma are watching Harry Potter.
The caterpillar in the play can't be a teacher, thanks to Ms. Nunnelly's 16 year old rendezvous.

Friday, January 06, 2006


Yeah, don't see it. Dumbest movie ever just called, they want their script, plot, and Hollywood's entire stock of fake body parts back. Seriously. Ew.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

All that jazz

K, I know I'm lame for not posting lately. Woops.
*We had dance practice TWICE today
*I was supposed to take an all day test today at the methodist, but thanks to the ridiculous morning I had, I didn't have to.
*All the classes I have are pretty ok with me. Buff project is about what I expected it to be, atleast so far.
*I'm going to Hutch, then to Wichita on Saturday w/ ma and sarah, then meeting tabatha there, shopping for bridesmaid dressies, and then coming home the same day. Ieeeeee.
*I'm extra sleepy all the time, even though I get as much sleep as usual. Hmmm....
*I freakin love Addison, but you already knew that.
*ah yes, and I've also been really thirst lately
*Me and him are going to see Hostal (sp?) Tomorrow. Yeah, like the worst idea on the planet for me to do, but...welp.
*Our pom dance for competition and the game on tuesday is coming along nicely.

And with that, I'm going to bed. Meow.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Cool Waters

I don't really know what this is, or why it came about, but this site has a bunch of random, pretty well-known songs on it that you can listen to. Not good quality, but if you're just achin to hear something...it's pretty fun.

"When You Say Nothing" Alison Krauss

Monday, January 02, 2006


"Half the dogs in America will receive Christmas presents this year, yet few of us pause to consider the miserable life of the pig--an animal easily as intelligent as a dog--that becomes the Christmas ham." Vegan Outreach

Um... ya know, I like pigs as much as the next guy, but as smart as a dog? Let's not us be silly.

"Before we founded Vegan Outreach, Jack Norris and I pursued various other forms of animal advocacy – from letter writing campaigns to scores of protests and everything in between, including civil disobedience."

If you want others to follow you, you can't be an idiot.

So this sight, it has it's ups and downs, and you can tell they have good intentions. They atleast mention not picketing and using acts of violence (They've gotten better since before they founded the program, is what I got out of it). So that's good, but seriously, seriously, to each his own. If someone doesn't want to be veg, they're not going to be. Eh, atleast they tried.

Anorexic Beauty Queen

Addison found this band called Anorexic Beauty Queen. "Lights Out in New York" is a good song, it reminds me of Sleepaway, atleast the music part, not so much the vocals. The songs make you want to just lay in bed and hold someone's hand. It's nice. So check them out.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

OMG Dormouse Extreme

So if I end up staying here and going to the Juco next year, I can soooooooo get a dormouse...and I want one so bad! So if anyone knows of any mommy dormice having babies, let me know. They are seriously adorable.