Monday, October 27, 2008

More like Chumpirates

My heart just shattered into about a billion pieces. My undefeated FF team, the Pirataly Vampirates just blew their record in the 8th game of the season. To the PICKLERS nonetheless. I obviously didn't mean anything by that, but still. :( Oweee....

New York City?!

I just realized how deep my love for picante sauce is. I eat tons of it with everything it's good on (taco meat with chips, nachos, and currently spanish rice), and when I'm eating things sauces of the like don't belong on, I wish that I am.

I'm a sucker for the mexican spreads and dips, what can I say.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

You gotta name Babalooga?

Last night I went to Nette and Chris's to have a HalloweEeEen party. We carved pumpkins and watched Sweeney Todd and the first installment of the Stand. More pictures to come when they are off something other than my phone.

Today was my tapping debut at the Sunset Zoos Spooktacular! Tappy Halloween!

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I shall tell you an epic tale...

...of a friday evening voyage to Lawrence.
We open with this gal almost not even taking the trip until her friend Jon D. convinced her otherwise.
The evening quickly took a sharp turn as her ex-boyfriend she hadn't seen since senior year ended up going to the show with them. Very weird to meet again, they both thought, but actually quite nice to catch up after all this time.
She headed to the show with a gang of Garden friends, including Jon Urban, Jennifer Drees, and Joe Wesley. At the Granada they met up with other GCians, including (but not limited to) Jon D., Lane, Jacob, Ashley, and Bret, who she also hadn't spoken to in quite some time. The first band they watched was Rookie of the Year, with whom you can never go wrong. The set was short, but great. And they played Blue Roses :)
Next was Quietdrive, who none (of her party) had listened to, but all very much enjoyed. And last was Mest . That's right. Upontherooftops-topdownseatback-whatsthedillio-listened to everyday of freshman year-Mest. It was a phenomenal show with the crew dominating the front couple of rows dancing and singing like it was going out of style. SO freaking fun.
After the show, she went back to Jon's for a bit where she received a text from Autumn saying that their piece they had adjudicated earlier in the day was selected to be in WinterDance. This kicked her performance count up to 3 pieces in the recital, and proved to be a very exciting text indeed.
After getting directions to get home and to get around the construction on her usual exit, she commenced ta jigglin. Long driving story short, she called Josh Sauer after 25 minutes of being lost trying to get out of Lawrence. When she thought she had it, she thanked him and hung up only to realize that she did not have any where near "it". And then commenced ta cryin; because you see, friends, it was getting later and later and all she wanted to do was get home to bed. A couple wrong turns again and more crying later, she made it to I-70 West. That last piece was the trickiest to pull off.
She thought to stop and get a drink to keep her awake on the drive home. So at the Hardees rest stop our weary soldier picked up a Sierra Mist and learned from the cashier that Wade Bowen and his band were also in the neighborhood. Not wanting to miss out on a fantastic opportunity that only 2 am in a rest stop could present, she picked up the latest issue of Country Weekly (which he was featured in) and headed over to say hello to the boys. They all signed her magazine, were super friendly, and turned that ugly wee hour of the morning-wish she was home-frown upside down! See!

On the way home Chicken Fried came on the radio, and the evening would go down in books as one of the greatest evenings of her junior year in college.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008


I just finished watching Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, and practically stayed awake through the whole thing! The plan is to watch the second one, and if I make it all the way through I'll go buy the third. It was good, a little hoaky but still enjoyable. Plus that Orlando Bloom...I'm not normally all about it, but he plays one darn good looking bloke in this film.

So yes, I believe I will continue on in mine AND Frodo's journey to Mordor.


Monday, October 20, 2008


If anyone would like to donate to the KSU Tap Ensemble, we're trying to buy a portable tap floor so we can sound like magic everywhere we go. Everything helps! Also, KanDance, the dance organization on campus is selling Gold Canyon candles (awwyeah) as a fund raiser. There is a bit of a smaller selection, but the cause is good!


What the devil happened to the Broncos tonight? We lost to the Patriots 41-7, and had more fumbles, turnovers, and penalties than I could count on all the fingers I have. The good news is, it's only the second game we've lost this season. And this time, atleast to a respectable team (no offense to ma' chiefs lovers out there. Love you, just not the chiefs).

For your evening gossip, I heard John Vanier wrote the Kstate athletic dept. a blank check to buy out Prince's contract. Hearsay? Or knowsay? I'll daresay in a few daysay.

And I'm leaving you with that sentence. Yes, THAT one. Pleasant dreams readers.

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Draft...and SLINGSHOT!

Yesterday I ran in the KState Homecoming 5K. Among the students, I placed 180th out of 660, and overall I placed 227 (my birthday!) out of 738. It was fun, and now I'm going to start training bunches because Kerri's boyfriend Jim and I are going to run in the Rock Springs 5K turkey trot in November!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pregnant Women, A firm handshake...

and respect from your father after 21 years. What are...things in a Navy play set?

I had my first candle party this weekend! Along with my roommates, Mommy, and Jenette, the only people that came were the neighbors and Coleman. Troopers :) So if any of y'all want to buy Gold Canyon candles, they really are high quality. Decent prices too. This is Theresa, my sponsor and probably new best mom friend.

Mommy came up this weekend, which was nice. Sometimes you're (and by "you're", of course I mean "I'm") just due for a mommy visit, and she made the deadline.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Longitude and Latitude of Dork

No time, need to get to sleep.

Had a tournament in Denver, played really well. Won not as well.

I'm an apprentice for the KSU Tap Dance Ensemble (I'm even second on the "Meet the Ensemble" page), because Julie believes in me <3

I'm selling Golden Canyon Candles and having my first candle party this Thursday.

"12:59 Lullaby" by Bedouin Soundclash is the new "I'm Yours". Go have a listen.

I need to decide very very soon if I want to be Audrey Hepburn for Halloween, or if I want to take some other unknown route. I need everyone's opinions stat!

Supposed to rain again tomorrow. Ahhh.....


Friday, October 10, 2008

One Endless Love

My friend Isaac is hilarious.

I don't know what The One Love is really, but it was it's birthday recently. So Happy