Sunday, July 30, 2006

Colorado Home

Thursday Addison and I left for Lawrence for the Jupiter Sunrise show. He posted about the whole trip, which you can read here. But pretty much we left around 10, and when we got close, it started raining really hard and it was hard to see while he was driving. Then we missed our exit, so we had to turn around but we made it. Then we walked around Mass Street until we met up with Shannon, Nicole, Jenette, Chris, and Aaron. Then we went to The Finals and Jupiter Sunrise show. Only about 30 people came to the show, and after 3 songs into the Finals' set, the power started to not work. So Jupiter Sunrise wanted to play an acoustic set, so they invited everyone to come and sit on the stage with them while they played. After they played about 2 or 3 songs, the people in charge of the Granada appologized and said we had to leave because they were going to completley shut off the power. So everyone there helped load up and we all (everyone at the show and the bands) went to eat at Perkins. The drummer from JS, Chris, ate with us. He was a pretty rad cat. Then we all went back to Manhattan. I took a wrong turn and the trip took us about 30 minutes longer than it should have, but eh.
The next morning Addison left to go back to Garden, and Chris, Nette, Shannon, and I left for Colorado. We got here in the late evening, ate some dinner and hung out for a bit before everyone tuckered out.
Saturday we went to our Grandma and Grandpa's 55th wedding anniversary party/tea. It was really fun, and a very different experience. A lot of weird foods. It was a good time to see everyone again (ie, G-ma and G-pa, all our cousins, aunts, and uncles on that side). When the tea was over we decided to continue the festivities by going to Colorado National Speedway to watch the races. There were figure 8's, buses, and the main event was 100 laps. Definitly good times.
Today some of the family is coming over and we're going to BBQ. Right now we can't get wireless to work really well on Shannon's lappy so I can't post pics until that can happen. But I will. Don't fret.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Anorexic Beauty Queen

Is my favorite band.
Mike from ABQ...
Nick from ABQ...
and Isaac from ABQ are hilarious. All of them. Their music is fab, and I wouldn't lie about that.
The boys before they dance.
Glass Houses Sink Ships also played, that's Rory in the middle. . . My bangs are longer than my faaaaace!...
The Girl Fight, xDoc Hollidayx (minus Kaleb, plus Raul), and Phase 90 (i think?) played as well. It was a really fun night, all the bands played really good. Afterwards we went to the truck stop and mayhem ensued. Mostly because Isaac is the funniest person on the planet.
Addison and I are off to Lawrence in like fifteen!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Stana, Jennifer, Jessica, and Old Man!

Today was Stana Banana's 19th birthday! So we went to Applebees to celebrate with good food and a blondie.

It's also Addison's sister, Jennifer's birthday. I don't have a picture of her. But this pretty much should do it. (Keep in mind there's a limited number of things you can do on paint, and this is one of them. She has much nicer hair and a much skinnier face than what is portrayed.)

And it was Jessica Sisco's birthday. She's from here, but she lives in Iowa now.

There was also a man at Grandma's "village" who's birthday was today too. Whooooooooaaaa!

So happy birthday everyone!

MAD! In video

Since May, Shannon's been editing the video from MAD! and combining the three nights for each scene of the play and syncing (sp?) up the music, making 25 videos for your viewing pleasure. It was a heck of a lot of work I'm sure, so if you'd like, here's the link to his master list of links for each scene.

I've been thinking (since last night) that with the proper budget, some tweeking of the script and cast, more access to fun tech stuff, and the Caterpillar's part the way it was intended, this play could be a beautiful thing. Oook you talked me into, I'll call my people on Broadway and see what they can do for me. Next I see...MAD! the musical. Even though it kind of already is. NOT THE POINT.

Tomorrow Anorexic Beauty Queen and Glass Houses Sink Ships will be playing a show along with The Girl Fight and xDoc Hollidayx. I'm so frikin excited. Then Thursday morning Addison and I leave to go see my fam and Jupiter Sunrise! Then the Colorado trip shall begin and I'm way excited for that one.

Sonic Ads

If you love those Sonic adds with the two guys in the car as much as I do, check out this site. You make TJ drinks and watch his reactions to them! Exciting, I know. Get at it.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Baseball Stars

Tonight Addison, his sister and her two boys played baseball while Debby and I spectated.

Afterwards we got ice cream. MMMMMm.

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

This album might definitly be worth buying...I don't know. I'd seen them on VH1 or something, but when I went to Leslie George's myspace page she had "Your Guardian Angel" by them on her page, and I really liked it. So definitly check them out. Listen to them here.

Glory Road

Yesterday Addison and I watched Glory Road, and it's really good. If you like sports/basketball movies, and even if you don't really, it's probably a pretty good bet.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Witches of Eastwick

OMG. So I'm flipping through the channels and I get to A&E and this movie I later found out was called The Witches of Eastwick was on. It only had like 2 minutes left, but even after watching said her and Gary watched it while she was pregnant with me in AZ and that it made her sick. Maybe it was being pregnant, but she said it was probably the movie too. So, I guess if you're in the mood for a really weird movie. Go for it. All star cast, in fact. Michelle Pfiefer, some lady that looks like Susan Sarandon at first, Jack Nicholson, and Cher. That's right. Cher.

Honor Bright

Here's a little background. This guy Liam from NY has been through Garden like 2 or 3 other times with different bands. But Honor Bright was by far the raddest band I've ever met. All those freakin guys were so fab. So last night was the show. (Ps. we hooked up the high speed internet today, so I'm going to load a bunch of pics. Mostly because I can)
So this is Tim and Liam from Honor Bright. Tim is the one that loves Rent and Christmas.
Liam's mic was soupa fly
This is Anthony. He'd been here one other time with Liam's last band, Compass Failure.
The Girl Fight played last. Letters from a Sinking Ship (Addison and Bret's band) played A song at the beginning of the show.
I don't really know why Bret was wearing those shorts...
Seriously, those guys were all Amazing. I hope they get to come through again.
ps. Last night as Addison and I drove around and Scanner chased, we evaluated each of the members of the band plus Tommy the merch guy. You can read Addison's post about them and pretty much get the jist of it. I would like to add, however, that Kurt the drummer laughed at Full House. Like, thought it humorous. And that's why we loved Kurt. And Tim, Tim looked like the little boy from the movie Stepmom. He didn't like that very much, but it's true. Just a couple things Addison didn't mention. We all already miss them.
(Wow, and what normally would have taken 2 minutes just took about 30 seconds. Coool)

Friday, July 21, 2006

This summer's hat

Remember last summer...when I got this hat...Well, I got one yesterday! I'm hoping I don't end up thinking this one is as ridiculously hideous as the first. I think my chances of that are slim. However. I got it for like 2 bucks at that crazy sale at Maurices.

This evening Lauren and I went to see You, Me, and Dupree again, but this time Chelsey Skipton and her friend Holly came. Then we went to the end of a baseball game to watch one of Chelsey's friends play. Then I went to Addison's and hung out w/ him and the guys from whatever Liam's NEW band is called (they're playing a show tomorrow at Remingtons). And we watched Rent. And I found someone that loves Rent and Christmas just as much as me. Maybe a bit more...

ps. the cliff hanger ending was neccessary. In case you were wondering.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

60% off? Are they crazy?

So the last few days I've been able to hang with a bunch of people I haven't for a while, and some that I have. Monday I hung out with Zach Schultz for the first time in a long time. He's moving to Ottowa on Friday. Then yesterday Stana and Zoe came over to hang for awhile. After that Kelsie Adam and I worked the cheer clinic together and went to see LB and Target afterwards. Then LB and I had quite a little adventure. Went to Hastings to rent a movie, it was closed, as was Dillon's rental place. Went to Taco Bell to get some food to find out neither of us wanted it, so we went to Wendy's. Went to her house, and after finding out Failure to Launch was not on pay per view (I always thought it was paper view. Didn't know why.), watched Big Daddy. She fell asleep during the movie so I left. Saw Zach for .3 seconds before I came home and went to bed.
Today I watched Addison do his homework for a bit, then when I came home ma and I watched Will and Grace together. Then LB and I went to Maurices and purchased some items on Major sale. Got Diva-d up and went to work the silly cheer clinic again. Then we went to eat at Lone Star (slash get potatos and frozen lemonaides) and talked about the good old times with Claudia since she was working. While driving home we saw Matt Geiers car at Orly's house, so we stopped by for a hello. Then she dropped me off and I visited Addison for a bit before coming home and telling yall about my day.s.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Jake and Zoe Dance Party

Last Night cont.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Life Is Ruff

Today LB had a party for Piper's first birthday. There were a total of 4 dogs and 1 baby there, so it was a pretty good turnout. Plus some of her family, Kelsie and Brandon, and myself. Why, here's the birthday boy now.

This is Kelsie, Brandon, and their dog Juan. He's a stud, and I wouldn't lie to you about that.

This afternoon Rhonda and I watched a movie on the Disney channel. I don't really know why...I don't think either of us were really with it. Then Stana, Zoe, and I went to Applebees for a blondie. YUM. Then we had a picture we had to take. That's Long John Silver's Marquee (sp?). You know what? Let's just not even bother to get a new sign...I don't think people really notice anyways. Besides, we get a lot more business when people don't know what restaraunt we really are. AND when they know that real pirates eat here.

Afterwards we went to Addison's and Jake and Zoe played slash danced together. Then Addison and I talked for like 2 and a half hours on his porch.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Jose Unknown

Today Grandma, Dave, My Mother, and I went to Delores and Charlie Steven's birthday bash at the church. Those two are so sweet.

Then tonight Addison and I went bowling. If you can't tell, the second game's score is 103-107 me. Unfortunatley we bet on the first game, so now I owe him ice cream. Drats. But atleast I'll get some ice cream in the process as well. So this situation isn't really "drats" worthy.

I also watched part of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York this afternoon. :)

You, Me, and Dupree

LB and I went to see You, Me, and Dupree tonight at the theater. There were a couple of parts that were pretty 'wow I didn't need to have that happen' but overall it was pretty entertaining. The last 15 or 20 minutes though were definitly hilarious. She and I were hoping for a Vince Vaughn cameo, but it never came. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it.

Roberta Gonzales is not my friend

So there was a cell phone contacts list mix up and it looks like I've been texting and calling (with no responses) a lady named Roberta Gonzales for the last couple of months instead of Lauren Brungardt. Luckily, we got that all worked out tonight.

So my jaw had been hurting since Wednesday, I'd had a headache since Monday, and my cheek was swelling up a bunch starting around Thursday. "Well why would that happen Michelle? You got your wisdom teeth out 3 weeks ago." I'll tell you why it happened. I got stuff stuck in those holes and didn't know about it (how could I, really?) and it got infected. We asked Dr. Richard (my substitute dentist) if it was like dry sockets and he was like "No! It's worse!" with a twinkle in his eye. Nice guy...odd though. So I got antibiotics, and he stuffed some stuff in there to make it feel better, but it tasted like the way the garden center at Wal-Mart smells, so I don't think it was really worth the trade off. In any case, the taste is almost gone, and I don't hurt nearly as bad anymore.

I stayed up late on the computer tonight. I ordered a top from American Eagle with the help of Netter, and then I looked at pictures. I'm going through AJ withdrawls, but I think he should be coming home relatively soon. Iee.

Addison's sister and nephews are in town for the next two weeks. That's pretty exciting.

I've been thinking about starting up movie night again. I only wish we had some extra large room with Air Conditioning and a way cool slash huge tv to have it in... But we shall make do with what we have. So far, I'm thinking Mean Girls for the first night. Any takers?

Took about a 2 hour-or-so nap today, kind of by accident. I was watching something on tv, don't even remember what that's how out of it I apparently was, then the next thing I knew it was 6 and Rhonda was home. Good thing it was refreshing or I might be a little upset at the sneak attack of my nap........... Who am I kidding.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Some friends

Wednesday I went to Scott and hung out with Dwaine, we got to play with Josh's puppies.
Then yesterday Jawsh and I went to Peking for his 18th birthday lunch. This is his new dog Luther!
Then we went to Presto and bought lottery tickets and he bought some cigs to keep in his pocket. Neither of us won :(
This was the temperature yesterday at 5. This thermometer is in the sun all day long, so it's probably a little skewed, but JEEEEEEEEEEEEZ.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

No Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaair.

I went to Scott City today to hang out w. DWaine. It was a pretty good time, not a whole lot going on but he and his friend Josh read me their pseudo play that they wrote a while back and it was a pretty good time. My wisdom teeth holes hurt today, pretty sure I hit myself in the jaw last night or something..
No practice for the rest of the week! wOoT!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Debby!

Today was Addison's Mom's Birthday! So we celebrated by getting the Queen.

Earlier today Chelsey Skipton and I went to watch the high school's dance team's dance that they are taking to competition. It was waaaaay good. We both really miss being on that team, but that's ok this year will be cool.

It also rained a bunch today, but it didn't take very long. The streets by the high school were completely under water, and the teachers parking lot was the most like a lake I have ever seen it.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Held by Natalie Grant

I suggest everyone find a way of obtaining this song. Cause it's rad.

Friday, July 07, 2006


It's 8:15 am, and Shannon and I still haven't been to sleep yet. We got up at like 2 pm, but still... We're still watching videos on, and have watched both the newscast video on my blog and this qvc video on his blog atleast 4 times each. They're still funny. And we ate some guacamole. I wonder how today is going to go.


So over the past years that I've been coming up to Manhattan I've watched this channel that the fam does called G4. So it was really cool like last year or sometime around then but all the cool shows that I did watch like Attack of the Show apparently got really lame, and what it was before, Screensavers is no more...and it's just like. Come on. I actually learned things, like about techy stuff and stuff. But whatev, if someone that works for G4 is listening, you should probably change things around. Because apparently, you suck now. Good day sir.


Shannon stumbled upon this video...

L O L.

Evolution of Dance

This has gotten pretty big, but if you haven't watched it yet, you probably should.

Drink up me 'earties Yo Ho!

After many hours of preperation the night finally came for us to put on our pirate effects and ship out. First stop was Long John Silvers for some refreshingly greasy fish (which we paid for in gold coins).

We brought that back to Shannon and Nicole's and watched the first Pirates of the Carribean.
After the movie was over we headed to the movie theater to wait in line for the midnight showing. Other than us there were about 4 other people dressed up, not including the ninjas that came.

Most people warmly welcomed our festivness.
After the movie we went to get some grog.
This be my gear.

And Shannon's..
And here we are in all our Pirate Islands glory.
Pirates of the Carribean 2: Dead Man's Chest was a pretty rad movie. I'm not going to say much because everyone should definitley go see it. Seriously, worth the money to see in the theaters. And with that, I must be off to sail the high seas. Yaaarrghhh.

Junction City Generals

Wednesday Nicole, Shannon, Jenette, and I went to a Junction City Generals vs. FCA Greys. We (The Generals) won 8-2, and I got a T-Shirt!..Well, I had to pay for it and everything, but it was still exciting.

Afterwards Chris joined us and we went to eat at Old Chicago. I didn't so much enjoy my dish, but overall I approve.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More Mad Dreams

So once again I had a dream about MAD! and it really stressed me out. Jeez. I'm about sick of those darn dreams. This time people from the audience kept coming on the stage and I was like "If you're not in the freaking play get off the stage!!!!!" and Alex, the White Rabbit, was giving me a bunch of grief so I slapped him and he slapped me and I punched him. I did a lot of yelling in that dream. As I usually do. But this time I just told the audience we weren't even going to do the performance. Oh dear.

Manhattan Trip Part 1

We played Super Tennis the second day we were here for like 2 hours. It's a great game.
We got some pirate booty for our costumes at Claires for the midnight premiere of Pirates 2.
I shaved Aaron's blue head, but not before showing off my creativity.
Rhonda got pretty good on Guitar Hero.

We watched the fireworks last night at Cico Park.

We went out to Wildcat Park out in the middle of nowhere to set off our own firecrackers once we got kicked out of the stadium's parking lot. It was pretty much an all-out war between the tanks and chickens.

We've also watched the Italy vs. Germany and Portugal vs. France World Cup Games. Looks like Italy and France are going to the final game, go Italy!